Project: Vamos Pueblo

VAMOS PUEBLO is a song against social leaders' assessinations in South America. In fact, these brave people allow their fellow citizens to live in better conditions and should be rewarded for this, not attacked.


Vamos Pueblo is supported by the SALC 2021 (The Latin-American and Caribbean week in France). Thanks to the help of Antoine Burgos, they realized a Clip that will be displayed in May the 6th after a Live Conference.

After this Musical and audio-visual creation, the Vamos Pueblo's team is working hard on a Educational workshop in Colombia and in France, with the Organization  Colombia Noviolenta and Wave TravelArt.

But let's meet our two founders of this initiative:

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Paola Smith Martinez, born in Colombia, began her musical education at the age of 11. At 16, she entered the lyrical singing class at the conservatory of the National University of Colombia, where she subsequently completed her singing course.


In 2011 she continued her musical training and as an opera singer at the Toulouse and Montauban Conservatory in France, in parallel with singing studies, she studied musicology at the Jean Jaurès University where she obtained a license in music and a master's degree in research on vocal technique in bel canto. During her career she discovered a vocation for the transmission of music, which naturally led her to move towards the world of teaching through which she had the chance to undertake as a singing teacher. .



Among her experience as an artist and teacher, she recognized the strength in music, as a means to touch hearts, to communicate a message and the responsibility that this represents.

For this, she decides to take her job too, as a means to give hope, joy and love to all those who pass for needs, emotional to financial, creating in France sponsorship projects for those who have talent but despite not have the opportunity to access music training, also, by participating in associations with music workshops, supporting the most disadvantaged.

This sensitivity and this altruism, have led her as a singer and musicologist to focus on the creation of musical projects and compositions that can have a positive impact in society, giving rise to new artistic performances and sometimes linking them its two most expensive countries Colombia and France.

De la Colombie à la France en passant par l' Espagne, Leonor Victoria a toujours trouvé dans l'art, la pédagogie, les relations internationales et la gestion de projets des vecteurs d'intégration et de changement social.

Son engagement commence d'abord par ses expériences en Colombie, son pays natal, puis durant ses années universitaires en France et en Espagne. Aujourd'hui, c'est en tant que enseignante et chargée de projets scientifiques qu'elle poursuit son engagement.

Leonor Victoria s'inspire de modèles pour qu'à son tour sa mission et sa vision s'accordent entre elles pour être une opportunité de transformation positive pour les autres quel qu'en soit le domaine.

"Tout est une occasion de grandir et de progresser si le changement se fait de l'intérieur." 

Leonor Victoria Socarras-Kutuawanamo

1 Instituto educativo Raphel Pombo.png

1 - Instituto educativo departamental de Rafael Pombo. 

L'école Rafael Pombo est à Sopo en Colombie.