We support the Collectif Volucris, french Theatre collective in their work on The Seagull,

adaptation from Tchekhov!  While the Covid-19 is putting the culture universe down, we promote them through Teasers  & Captation !

“Our Seagull” after Tchékhov is a work in progress by the Volucris collective. This Teaser was shot in the end of a residency , on July 26, 2020 at Lac de Saint André (Les Marches, 73800).


"Our Seagull" after Chekhov adaptation of Chekhov's “The Seagull”; Arthur Adamov translation. Revisited by Michel Cadot.


Staging: Volucris collective Interpretation: Lucile Vérité, Adrien Turlotte, Margot Naviaux, Guillaume Doireau, Antonin Gauzy.

Production and Editing: Antoine Burgos

Teaser Covid-19

Wave TravelArt also supported the Collectif Volucris creating their website and these two videos. Wave's team is proud to support culture during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Project: Notre Mouette