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Wave TravelArt is as a non profit organization based France whith the objective to broadcast popular education through videos, music and games, but also supporting NGOs worldwide !

Check our first project: The Resilients !

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« Great things do not just happen by impulse,
but as a succession of small things linked together. »

Vincent van Gogh


Our projects

Notre Mouette

Theatre Collective - France

The Collectif Volucris, french Theatre collective worked on The Seagull,
adaptation from Tchekhov!

Podcasts VADC

Chili Culture & Solidarité - France / Chile

We produce VADC about cultural and social thematics ! We also currently broadcast it on many platforms !

VAMOS PUEBLO: Education for Peace ​​

In partnership with Paola Martinez and Leonor Victoria, we created the musical clip VAMOS PUEBLO, interpreted by Latin-American musicians against the social leader's assassinations.

MAY 6 of 2021: Check the VAMOS PUEBLO'S CLIP ! 

Find more information about VAMOS PUEBLO


​​Supporting Theatre

We support the Collectif Volucris, french Theatre collective in their work on The Seagull,

adaptation from Tchekhov!  While the Covid-19 is putting the culture universe down, we promote them through Teasers  & Captation !

​​Podcasts for International cooperation

In partnership with the NGO Chili Culture et Solidarité, we produce podcasts about cultural and social thematics ! We also currently broadcast its podcast on the Web Radio Esprit Occitanie.

You can listen to these directly here :

​​In partnership with Cinélatino, movie festival:

Serie-Documentary production

We are currently working on a documentary about the  individual initiatives role in citizenship's exercize, showing interviews from South America and France. In partnership with Court-Jus Production.

Well-being initiatives

We support Sacrée Attraction​, a permanent festival in France !

Here is the Teaser we made for them:

Vamos Pueblo

Education for Peace - Colombia

In partnership with Paola Martinez and Leonor Victoria, we created the musical clip VAMOS PUEBLO


We help non profit organizations and artistic collectives to reach their goals thanks to audiovisual content creation and broadcasting.

Creating educative and entertaining tools is very important for us because education is a basic of improving people’s mind, something that we need now more than always to face the big challenges to come within the years !

WAVE TravelArt is designed for the open-minded people who want to learn and share about mutual values of respect, solidarity and listening at one’s passions, while traveling, or either staying at home ! We are passionate in what we do and we always think about improving the WAVE Community.


About us

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